Is Massage Gun Therapy Healthy?

One of the most important benefits of massage guns is their ability to promote recovery after injury or intense activity by improving blood flow to the area. The deep tissue massage provided by massage guns can help eliminate waste, improve blood circulation and release tension. This, in turn, helps improve tissue metabolism and prevents injuries. However, it is important to take precautions when using a massage gun to avoid injury to the internal organs, nerves, arteries, and even the muscles themselves.

Percussion massagers are the new compression socks. The hammer-like mechanical action of a massage gun increases blood flow to specific areas, effectively reducing swelling and eliminating circulation-related sensations, such as numbness and tingling. It is important to vibrate the massager only on the muscles and avoid joints and bones, especially if you have any type of arthritis. It is also never a good idea to use a massage gun directly on any part of the spine, including the neck.

If that area is sore, it is recommended to use the gun on the upper trapezius, the large piece of muscle above the shoulders. Younger people are likely to find that they successfully resist any potentially harmful effects of massage guns that produce high-frequency vibrations in their tissues. Massage guns can also nullify the feeling of pain in a sore muscle, just as you would if you rubbed your forehead after hitting it against a door frame (this is what's known as the “door control pain theory”). Massage guns increase blood flow, which transports nutrients to the muscle and, at the same time, draws blood that may have accumulated in the muscles, something that happens frequently, often after long periods of inactivity, and that can cause swelling of the limbs.

Massage guns produce a tapping effect that can damage the connective tissue of muscle fibers and myosin and actin proteins. Try a massager, run it over your upper traps, quadriceps, calves or any other tense muscle group and you'll easily see why they're so popular. Comparing the effect of vibration therapy and massage on preventing delayed-onset muscle pain (DOMS). You can combine passive and active recovery methods (active recovery involves massaging yourself) for efficient muscle healing and pain relief.

Massage guns are also frequently used during stretching to help improve the depth of stretching, which could improve the flexibility of muscles and joints. But since you have your massage gun to take care of you after an intense workout, there's much less reason to worry about pain (4). Massage guns are safe and effective when used correctly, and the main risks of massage guns are related to improper use. While there is still no concrete evidence that massage guns improve blood circulation, that doesn't necessarily mean that they don't help for this purpose.

Using a massage gun in the morning, afternoon, and evening will help increase and maintain blood flow throughout the day for best long-term results if done every day. If your doctor recommends percussion massage therapy, you can get additional help from a massage therapist or physical therapist. A massage gun could be a trick to successfully manage stress in the shortest possible time and in the most convenient way while reaping many other benefits it entails. With the help of your massage gun, you can massage the sore area to improve circulation and relax stiffness around joints and muscles.

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