Can Massage Therapy Help Relieve a Pinched Nerve?

It all depends on your body and the cause of the pinched nerve. In general, massage therapy can be a good way to help a pinched nerve, since massage techniques work to relax muscles and other soft tissues that could press on nerves or cause other internal features to press on the nerve. What does this mean? While it's true that massage therapy won't “fix” a herniated disc (or similar problem), it can give you some relief in the meantime. A massage will relax the affected muscles and remove some of the pressure on the nerve, making it a valuable addition to your recovery plan.

Massage therapy can be a great option for relieving a pinched nerve because muscle tension can sometimes be the cause of pressure. A light to medium pressure massage, such as a Swedish massage, is ideal and will help relax the connective tissues. A deep tissue massage may also be a good option for a pinched nerve, depending on the amount of pain a person feels, but stretching and applying medium pressure to the general area of the pinched nerve will help provide more specific relief. Of course, it can be minor bruises or pain after the massage.

This is completely normal and is a sign that repairs are being made to your body. You can ask your doctor about opting for massage therapy, and if he also recommends it, you should definitely opt for it. Regardless of the previous treatments you choose for the pinched nerve, activity modification is also used to help prevent further injury or discomfort. Many things can cause a nerve to become pinched, and some of them heal with a massage, but others don't. Other reasons why a nerve is pinched in the neck may be related to poor posture, incorrect exercise techniques, motor vehicle or contact sports accidents, mental and physical stress, etc.

A pinched nerve can also cause restriction on the neck's range of motion, mainly in the flexion and rotation of the neck neck to the right or to the left. While it's not likely to heal the pinched nerve, massage therapy can help alleviate some of the pain and discomfort associated with this condition. However, if your doctor recommends otherwise, do not undergo massage therapy, as it could worsen the pain. Many times, the pinched nerve will ease with rest over time, but in some cases that can take a long time. Then, people suffering from pinched nerve pain can try over-the-counter medications, massages and, in some cases, physical therapy. Let's briefly look at two common causes of nerve compression to find out if and when massage therapy can help.

Massage therapy is an effective way to reduce pain caused by pinched nerves. It helps relax muscles and other soft tissues that could press on nerves or cause other internal features to press on them. It also helps reduce inflammation and improve circulation in affected areas. Massage therapy is not likely to heal a herniated disc or similar problem but it can provide relief in the meantime.

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