The Best Areas to Target for Massage Therapy

The glutes are one of the most used and largest muscles in the body, and a massage focusing on promoting bowel mobility is known as visceral osteopathy. Lower back pain is a common issue due to the vertebral column having to support the weight of the entire body. Chronic weight lifting, running, jumping, and sitting all put pressure on the lower back. There are 6 hot spots on our body that can help you find a new meaning to feel incredible.

Clasping your hands together and opening and stretching your wrists can relax the surrounding muscles and help relieve wrist tension. The diaphragm is the main breathing muscle, but it is also a forgotten superstar for trunk and spine stability. Elan Shacter from MassageNerd offers some good massage techniques to release tension in the diaphragm in his video tutorial. Shiatsu massage works all over the body, but the therapist can focus on areas that require additional attention.

When choosing a location for your massage office, it is important to physically view potential commercial properties and do your homework to ensure you have chosen the best possible location. This advice applies to potential new and existing massage tenants who may be considering moving before the expiration date of their lease renewal.

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