How Long Can You Safely Use a Massage Chair?

Most massage chairs are designed to work on specific areas of the body, such as the back and neck, while others offer full-body massage therapy. It is recommended to start with 10 to 15 minute, two or three minute massage sessions per day. However, two or three one-hour sessions per week with a traditional massage are also acceptable. On the other hand, a massage chair should not be used more than twice a day. There are people who are very tolerant of pressure and enjoy massages and frequent sessions in a massage chair.

Having a massage chair can be very beneficial for a person, but it is important to buy one that is both effective and fits your budget. I have spoken with people whose massage chair recently stopped working and they are in a panic. The chairs in hotel SPAs or gyms, which are used for several hours in a row, are used much more often. Robotic massage chairs come in various designs, from those that look like recliners to massage pads that can be placed on existing chairs. Therapeutic massage chairs have the ability to relieve muscle tension and can also have a kind of relaxing effect.

Depending on where the massage chair is used, this can have a big impact on its life. You will be able to avoid overusing the massage chair for your individual needs and learn the ideal time for your own relaxation needs. If you are considering a massage chair for back pain, other muscle aches, or a specific muscle problem, you should always consult with your doctor. I am an enthusiast of relaxation with a weakness for bubble baths (quite long), aromatherapy massages and relaxing music. Massage therapy offers tremendous benefits including stress relief, chronic and acute pain relief, and much more.

Spending too much time getting a deep tissue massage can damage your muscles, especially if you're just starting to get used to a massage chair. Experts recommend using a massage chair in the morning when you wake up. When you overuse a massage chair, your muscles become overstimulated which can cause pain, cramps or spasms. You may have injuries, muscle pain, posture problems and other concerns that your massage chair may affect.

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