What to Wear for a Relaxing Massage at the Spa

When you're heading to the spa for a massage, comfort should be your top priority. You'll want to wear something stretchy and comfortable on your legs, and underwear that you feel comfortable in. Pack a swimsuit if you plan to take a dip in the sauna or hot tub. Rabato offers great deals on swimwear and underwear from JCPenny, so you can get a great deal before your spa day.

The most important rule is to wear something that is easy to take off, that fits your level of modesty, and that won't feel too restrictive when it's time to leave the luxurious bathrobe behind. A matching cotton tracksuit or sweat suit is the perfect outfit before and after the massage. Avoid delicate clothing that could be damaged by any massage oil left on your skin. Now that we've covered the basics of what to wear at the spa, let's look at some ideas for comfortable and stylish outfits. When you arrive at the spa, you may want to keep your hair loose, but you'll need to tie it back for most treatments such as massage therapy, facials, body wraps, and more. If you're visiting a larger spa, they may provide you with a massage gown and slippers so you can change into something more comfortable.

We'll cover exactly what to wear for different treatments and how to style your hair and makeup. It's important to remember that massage therapists are trained in draping techniques to ensure that their clients' private parts are always covered during the session. Try different types of massages with different therapists and find the best type and therapist that meets your expectations. Wear your normal clothes to the spa (or one of the options on this list) and change into a comfortable swimsuit when you arrive. Sandals are great for a fresh pedicure and a dress is a warm and cozy garment to wear after a wonderful massage.

If provided with a robe, some people prefer to be completely naked while others like to dress in underwear and a bra. A button-down style is great for wearing after a massage or putting on a swimsuit if you're spending the day at a resort spa. If the spa doesn't provide a gown, you're expected to remain clothed (or in your own robe) during the spa visit, other than massage treatments.

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